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The Body Balancing System

The Body Balancing System
Welcome . . .
Are you interested in taking HCG to lose weight, but a little confused about how to go about it? Have you considered the exciting HCG protocol, but just have lots of questions? Want to lose some weight, but just haven't taken action yet? You are not alone. Since the release of Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About, multitudes have discovered the rewarding health benefits of HCG and an organic diet. Kevin Trudeau's book explaines what HCG is and how it works in the body to help men and women not only lose weight easily, but also keep it off.

We have discovered that most individuals desire detailed instruction - a practical "how-to" guide. People ask us, "How can I . . . ", "Why do I . . . ", "What should I . . .", and many other questions in regards to the powerful HCG program. In response to the demand, we have developed the Body Balancing System. The Body Balancing System Consultation Package will get you started off with everything you need as well as provide education and positive coaching along the way!
What We Can Do For You . . .
We offer the Body Balancing System Consultation Package which includes:
  • Detailed Testing Available (optional)
  • Physical/Health Checkup
  • Spinal Health Evaluation
  • Forty Day Supply of HCG Injections
  • Two Month Supply of Coral Calcium Ultra
  • Six Week Supply of Yerba Mate Tea and Oolong Tea
  • Phone/Email Support and Coaching (Customized to fit each patient's needs.)
  • 36 Page HCG Informational Guide Book (Includes phase overviews & descriptions, weight & measurement charts, meal & recipe ideas, FAQ, and more.) Download a sample of the HCG Informational Guide Book.
Call 1-715-977-0022 to find out more!
You Have Options . . .
You have two excellent choices:
  1. You may purchase the complete Body Balancing System Consultation Package (includes everything outlined above). We have worked with our suppliers and streamlined the program, and as a result, are able to offer it to you at a greatly reduced price! Give us a call!
  2. Or you may purchase just the phone/email support and coaching (includes 36 page HCG Informational Guide Book).
Yes! I would like to purchase one of these options!


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